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Online consultation with mysticlj - Mayan Astrology and Vedic Astrology in Denmark today. 10-15 years of practicing of Vedic Astrology. My Abilities: - Clairvoyance - Connective Healing - Empathic - Intuitive - Remote Viewing - Angel Guides - Relationship Specialist - Past lives Readings - Clairaudience - Energy Healer/Transformation - Remote Relationship Healing - Dream Interpretation - Karmic Cleansing - Haunting Investigated - Celtic Cross - Channeling - Medium - Past life Regression - Balancing - Dating Expert If you are having any problem relating , Love Life , Relationship, Career, Finances, Dating, Family , Divorce - Reunion, Court cases, Kids, Studies, Career Path, Personal Issues and Decision making. Clairvoyance, the power to see objects and events from the future. visions of the future and past. Psychic, opening to the the third eye, consciousness and unconsciousness awareness. Knowing, feeling, sensing or seeing with my third eye of whats coming or going to come. Empath, the feeling of everything, sometimes to the extreme, with my intuition i travel the world for insight. Relationship specialist, Support and guidance of matters of the heart. Positive solutions, guidance on choices, knowing what choices you do have infront of you. Help with the lose of a loved ones, comforting and reassurance of their journey to the other side. seeking messages that were untold or left unsaid. Taking my wisdom to another level of kindness and knowledge. Bringing you insight on the knowing of what is to come or expected or unexpected life changes Helping you on your way, supporting and advising you through lifes obstacles. I can give you reading on every aspect of life e.g: love, career, reunion, studies, relationship, family, finances, money. All what you desire to know. Your path on this life journey will seem so much clear and you my friend will be on your way to reaching your dreams and goals.

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