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Chat with Janinewolf - Pendulum and Tarot Reading in Denmark online. 10-15 years of practice in Tarot Reading. Welcome to my page! Love, forgiveness and gratitude, are my subjects. I feel called and inspired through my varied life experience and my deep Intuition, to give new impetus to the people in times of crisis, in difficult situations, in difficulties to make decision. To make them see the things from a different angle, as well as by dissolving stuck thinking patterns and behavioral patterns to achieve long-term results and positive changes. Read the Tarot cards I have learned through self-study since 1999. Also I have get inspired from my mother, who reads the Tarot cards for decades. My daily yoga, meditation exercises, prayers and Tao healing gives me the power to have a clear view and to look into the depths. Through my years of self-study of classic spiritual writings, I have learned to understand the laws of nature. What has passed, look at it, learn from it, accept it and let it go with love. Forgive yourself yourself, your past and mankind. Take as it is and live in the here and now. Now is the time to sow the seeds of the future. Everything has its time, sow, grow and maintain and harvest finally. Everything on earth is subject to this cycle. So saw love, have patience, so you reap the light. My spiritual mentors are, His Holiness Sri Ramana Maharshi, J. Krishnamurti, Ramesh Balsekar, Thich Nhat Hanh. My daily yoga and meditation, Tao healing rituals and prayers give me the power to have a clear view and to be able to look into the depths. We are all connected (All is one) and nothing happens without the will of God. Everything has a deeper meaning. We are born on this earth to learn. Everything will pass, because life is always on the move. What seems to have its importance today,will be forgotten tomorrow. Let go and take yourself and everything not so important. Accept how it is and be grateful. Trust that everything is right as it is. I love humanity and feel happy to help whenever i can! Give me your hand! You will not regret it!

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